Craft ideas for kids

Crafts for Kids: Inventive and Exciting Projects to Keep Them Busy at Home

Due to the worldwide epidemic, youngsters have been stuck at home as their parents try to keep them occupied. Children’s creativity and motor skills both benefit from the physical and mental stimulation provided by craft-making activities. In this post, we will give you some amazing “crafts ideas for kids” that you can do at home with minimal preparation and minimal cost.

Paper Plate Masks

Children who enjoy role-playing will enjoy creating their own paper plate masks. To make these, you’ll need some paper plates, scissors, glue, and some markers. Make paper plate masks with cutouts for the kids’ eyes and mouths and let them color or draw on them. Ribbons or elastic can be used to secure the masks in place.

Popsicle Stick Picture Frames

Displaying your kid’s artwork is easy when you use popsicle sticks as picture frames. To make these, you’ll need paint, glue, and popsicle sticks. Make a square or rectangle out of the popsicle sticks and glue them together. Have the youngsters use their imagination and decorate the frame with stickers, glitter, or beads in their favorite colors. Personalize the frame with your child’s photo.

Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Making rainbow bubble snakes is a creative and entertaining activity for kids. An empty plastic water bottle, a sock, some rubber bands, some dish soap, and some food coloring are all you need to get started. Remove the water bottle’s bottom and stuff it into a sock. Using rubber bands, fasten the sock. Dip the sock-covered bottle end into the dish soap and food coloring mixture. Just blow into the opposite end of the bottle for a multicolored bubble snake.

Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Colorful and creative, tie-dye T-shirts are a great way to spice up your kid’s clothing. You may get tie-dye kits, rubber bands, and white T-shirts at your local craft store. Use rubber bands to twist and bind the T-shirt, then dye it as directed by the package. The garment will dry into a one-of-a-kind work of art after the rubber bands are removed.

Homemade Playdough

A simple and cheap activity that can keep youngsters amused for hours is making their own playdough. Flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, and food coloring are required ingredients. Combine everything in a bowl and adjust the consistency by adding boiling water. Let the youngsters get creative with the play dough and make whatever they can think of.

Painted Rock Art

Garden or backyard d├ęcor may be jazzed up with some painted rock art. Smooth rocks, acrylic paint, and brushes are all you need to get started. Have the youngsters paint the rocks in various patterns and then let them dry. These decorative stones have several uses, from paperweights to garden markers.

Cardboard Box Fort

Cardboard box forts are a great way to encourage youngsters to utilize their imagination and creativity while having fun. Cardboard boxes, cutting tools, and adhesive tape will be required. Make a fort or a castle by cutting out various shapes from the boxes and taping them together. Provide the youngsters with paint, stickers, and markers to spruce up the fort.

Handprint Art

A child’s handprint is a sweet and easy method to document their development throughout time. You’ll need some paint and either a blank canvas or some paper. Give the children paint and have them press their painted hands into paper or canvas. You’re not limited to just one color palette or set of patterns.

Paper Quilling

Intricate designs may be made using the skill of paper quilling. All you need is glue, quilling paper, and a quilling instrument. Create a card or poster with the paper strips by rolling them into various shapes and gluing them in place. Flowers, animals, and abstract patterns are just some of the design options available to you.

DIY Birdhouses

DIY birdhouses are a great project for kids of all ages. A tiny wooden birdhouse kit, some paint, and some brushes will do the trick. Have the youngsters use their imaginations to design the birdhouse with paint, stickers, and glitter. Hang the birdhouse in your yard and enjoy having feathered visitors.

Macrame Bracelets

Macrame bracelets are fun to make and are chic accessories. You may use beads or charms and colored yarn or string. Learn how to make your own one-of-a-kind bracelets using macrame with the help of internet instructions.

Paper Flowers

Beautiful and long-lasting, paper flowers are a great substitute for the genuine thing. You’ll also need some scissors, glue, and scraps of colorful paper. Create a flower by cutting out petals of varying sizes from paper and gluing them together. These paper blossoms would look great as a gift or as a decorative addition to your house.

Clay Figures

Making clay sculptures is a great hands-on activity for kids. You will also need sculpting tools and modeling clay or air-dry clay. Allow the kids to draw whatever they choose, whether it’s an animal, a person, or something else. Once the clay is dried, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind sculpture.

Finger Painting

Children will like this messy art project since they get to use their fingers. You will also need a big piece of paper and some paint. Give the youngsters some paint and encourage them to make designs with their fingers. The final piece of art may be framed and displayed with pride.

DIY Kaleidoscopes

Children will love the informative and entertaining activity of constructing their own kaleidoscope. To make a kaleidoscope, you will need glue, stickers, glitter, and a kaleidoscope kit. Build the kaleidoscope and personalize it by following the directions provided in the kit.

Children can be kept busy and delighted at home in a constructive manner by engaging in craft activities. These craft ideas for kids can help you and your kids make something special and unique without breaking the bank. In addition to being a great way to spend quality time together as a family, these activities are great for developing fine motor skills and encouraging imagination.


Since staying at home is the norm these days, craft projects are a fantastic way to keep kids busy and happy. These simple yet entertaining craft ideas for kids will have you and your kids making unique keepsakes in no time. Making something together as a family is a great way to bond, and it also helps kids develop important abilities like motor control and imagination. So, break out the art stuff and start making something!